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Excerpts from Cream of the Crop

The following is one in a series of excepts from award-winning author and historian, John B. " Red" Cummings, Jr. new book, Cream of the Crop-Fall River's Best and Brightest which will be available for sale locally in June. The book highlights Fall River educated individuals in various categories such as business, military, religion, education and sports between 1850 and the present. The collection of over 260 illustrated minibiographies will be available at various local outlets and all Greater Fall River branches of BayCoast Bank with a portion of each bank sale going to the United Way of Greater Fall River, Inc..


Ernest Moniz, Ph.D.
Department of Energy Secretary
World Renowned Physicist

Ernest Moniz, Ph.D., Department of Energy Secretary, World Renowned Physicist

Ernest Moniz is the only child of the former Georgina Pavao and Ernest P. Moniz.
They lived on Diman Street near Kennedy Park. He married Naomi Hoki in Paris.
During the writing of this book Moniz was appointed by President Obama to the cabinet position of Energy Secretary. During President Obama's State of the Union message on January 28th, 2014, Moniz was the "designated successor." That is the member of the cabinet who was not in attendance in the House chamber in case of an attack. He was placed in an undisclosed location in case there was a catastrophe and all other top officials died.Before that appointment, he held the position of physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Does he belong in the education section or the government section? Since he had previously served as Under Secretary of the Energy Department during the final four years of the
Clinton administration, he was assigned here. Earlier, he was Associate Director for Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President. Moniz had served on the M.I.T. faculty since 1973 and was the director of the Bates Linear Accelerator Institute. He developed the nuclear framework for understanding mesonnucleus interactions; guided the experimental nuclear physics research program at Bates lab; put U.S.- Russian nuclear nonproliferation programs back on track and founded the M.I.T. Energy Initiative.
Local Fall River schools, Durfee High School, Boston College and a doctorate from Stanford University. He was awarded honorary degrees from the University of Athens, University Eriangen-Nurenburg and Michigan State University.

Moniz with President Obama and other appointees at the announcement ceremony.
Moniz with President Obama and other appointees at the
announcement ceremony.

Moniz wanted to be a scientist or engineer when growing up. His parents stressed education and both Mr. Dallier and Mr. Carey at Durfee High School were motivators in his life. When it was time to go away to college, Moniz gave up tennis and baseball in the Fall River parks and was challenged instead by Professor Chen at Boston College and Professor Walecka at Stanford—far from Kennedy Park.
Also of Note
Moniz was formerly on the advisory council of King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center in Saudi Arabia, a former consultant for British Petroleum and a former board member of NGP Energy Technology. He was a former advisor to General Electric Ecomagination Advisory Board, among other international firms where he served as either a past consultant or as a past advisor. He was also a former senior associate at the Washington Advisory Group, the Gas Technology Institute and a past advisor at Riverstone Equity Holdings LP.

Moniz is another recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Durfee High School awarded in 2004.

Information gathered from The Durfee Chimes, M.I.T., The Boston Globe and Dr. Moniz-photos courtesy of Dr. Moniz
and The White House