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Cream of the Crop - Fall River's Best and Brightest
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Cream of the Crop, Fall River's Best and Brightest by John B. Cummings, Jr.
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Cream of the Crop, Fall River's Best and Brightest by John B. Cummings, Jr.

Written and Researched by Award-Winning Author and Historian John B. Cummings, Jr.

      Foreword by Michael Martins, Curator of the Fall River Historical Society Museum

I am very excited to announce my latest book, Cream of the Crop was released May 25, 2014 in Fall River at the Q Mansion (formerly the Quequechan Club on North Main Street). See event information and photos

Comments About the Book

"Congratulations, Red! I have the book and it's a great tribute to your initiative and resourcefulness. Many thanks for your effort."

"Enjoying the book very much. Family, too. You put in a lot of effort. Well done."

"I'm actually making my way through the book and I'm finding it fascinating. So many things I never knew about Fall River!
Well done!"

"You have written one hell of a book."

"Congratulations to Red Cummings for his inspiring and compelling book."

"The book kept us reading well into the night."

"Great Book. Well Done."

"I absolutely love it. Congratulations on creating such a lasting tribute to the people of Fall River."

"Hard to put it down...Fall River is a very special place with special people"

"I've only begun to skim, but what a collection. I found myself repeatedly muttering, "Who knew ...?" And intelligently laid out. You've performed a real and valuable service for your community."

"I received the book and congratulate you on having done a really nice job."

"Thanks for all that you have done to research all of this information."

"As they say in Symphony Hall -- BRAVO"

"You must be very proud..a lot of hard work…keep up the good work."

"Kudos to you…I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book…now, Thanks be to you I have a passel of names that I can run past people who have nothing good to say about F.R. Thanks for having the perseverance and talent to enlighten us with the true picture."