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Cream of the Crop - Fall River's Best and Brightest
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Cream of the Crop, Fall River's Best and Brightest by John B. Cummings, Jr.
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Praise for Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop is a fascinating collection of more than 260 intimate mini biographies of not just locally successful individuals but many others who went on to influence their occupations nationally and internationally. Written by a local award-winning author it provides lists of mayors, fire and police chiefs, judges, school superintendents, undefeated and state championship sports teams, and military heroes who died in various wars. It demonstrates how the sons and daughters of one of New England's great cities can touch and influence the world. Beside being an interesting and entertaining read, it is also a valuable historic document and motivational tool for success for current and future generations, not solely from Fall River or Massachusetts but across the nation.


Cream of the Crop is a remarkable accomplishment and resource. More than a labor of love by a proud son of Massachusetts, these biographies curated by John "Red" Cummings are both a fascinating archive of individual lives and a vivid pointillist portrait of one of New England's historically most significant cities. How did Fall River produce such talent? Sit back and enjoy while Cummings explains.

Christopher Ogden author of Life of the Party, Maggie and Legacy.


John "Red" Cummings has done something remarkable here in bringing alive the vibrant past (and still present) the key players of what was once one of America's greatest cities, and one which may rise again. Brilliantly compiled, we are reminded of the major contributions to our great nation and to Fall River so many have made, from the Civil War to the present, five Medals of Honor, some of America's great civic, literary, business and sports leaders have come from Fall River. Having lived in this area for sixty years and having known many in this book, I was still only vaguely aware of the contributions of so many giants that "Red" has brought to life in his wonderfully written book.

Amb. J. William Middendorf II former Secretary of the Navy 1974-77 and author of Potomac Fever


In writing this comprehensive and fascinating history of the great men and women of Fall River, John Cummings has also made a seminal contribution to our nation's narrative. The historic city of Fall River has always been both a crossroads and a cross-section of our country. The extraordinary Americans of whom the author writes contributed not just to their city but to a world well beyond its limits. John Cummings tells their compelling story with both style and substance.

Mark P. Harty, Esq. Managing Partner Morrison and Mahoney, LLP.


In this remarkable and readable compendium, John Cummings has spotlighted scores of achievers educated in Fall River: artists, executives, athletes, journalists, scientists, scholars, and professionals who went on to claim national and even international reputations. Covering two eras—1850 to 1925 when "cotton was King," and 1926 to present, a time of great economic and social change—the biographies incidentally engage the reader in much local and national history. Fall River contributed many important military leaders to all our major conflicts. A bonus in this volume are the lists of those who died in each of our wars starting with the 120 who died in the Civil War.This book is a source of pride to all in our community, but it should be especially inspiring to our teachers and students showing how, regardless of the economic environment, high levels of accomplishment result when hard work and talent are encouraged and nurtured.

Eileen T. Farley President Emerita of Bristol Community College


For those looking to be inspired, look no further than Cream of the Crop, Fall River's Best and Brightest. In almost every profession, there are Fall River locals who have left their mark and had great success. I found the book to be quite a project and compliment John on a job well done.

C. Samuel Sutter Bristol County District Attorney


Move over Lizzie Borden. Cream of the Crop introduces us to over 260 people who are as much a part of Fall River's rich history as the old mills, the Highlands, and Lizzie herself. A must read for anyone who wants to really know Fall River, and the amazing people who have shaped it through the generations.

Bill Reynolds, author of Fall River Dreams and 10 other books, and co-author of Basketball Junkie