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Lobstah Tales by John B. Cummings, Jr.

Excerpts from "Lobstah Tales"

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"One of Sharp's political acquaintances sailed into the harbor one day and landed at his dock to be joined by others for dinner. Apparently he did not tip the dock boy but the politician autographed menus instead. When his group gathered for dinner they ordered the top shelf wines for dinner and dessert. The house paid for the entire meal and the two servers who worked the Captain's Room went home tip less at the end of the night.

But that was not the end of the story.

After closing on a Sunday it was necessary to take inventory and clean the building. There was then a loud banging on the locked door. Back came the now well- known politician in a wet bathing suit and full of sand. "Let me in, I want to clean off and use your bathroom". Staff had orders to keep everyone out after closing time so they stuck to the rules. He said he did not want to dirty his clean boat and was told by staff that he was not going to dirty their clean bathroom either. Off "don't you know who I am" sailed, never to return again. The staff stuck to their guns the following day when Sharp confronted them about the incident and the cost of the check the previous night, they were just following the rules Sharp had laid down after expensive scrimshaw he owned and had in the display case had been stolen one winter night. He then authorized a 20% tip for the two servers on the $2500 check that his pal had rung up. So go the profits for that weekend."