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Lobstah Tales

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Lobstah Tales by John B. Cummings, Jr.


A History of the Moby Dick/Back Eddy Restaurant in Westport, MA
by author John Cummings, Jr.

Author John B. Cummings, Jr. at the computer

A history of one of Westport's most well-known restaurants, The Back Eddy, previously called Moby Dick was released in May 2016.

The history is titled Lobstah Tales and has been written and researched by award winning local author, John B. "Red" Cummings, Jr. His two previous writings are The Last Fling - Hurricane Carol 1954-Stories from Westport Massachusetts and more recently, Cream of the Crop-Fall River's Best and Brightest, was taught as part of the Durfee High School curriculum in the History of Fall River class.

Both books have been highly acclaimed and are available for sale at area gift stores, Amazon and at www.Hillsidemedia.net. Lobstah Tales is also available at those locations and at the Westport waterfront restaurant.

Lobstah Tales by John B. Cummings, Jr.

Lobstah Tales includes stories during different ownership phases of the restaurant since 1953 to the present. The book is also illustrated with many photos over the years as well as interviews with owners over time. The book would make a perfect gift for a loved one that has experienced the uniqueness of the restaurant over looking the river over the years. Life-long Westport resident, Richard "Dick" "Hoot" Squire has written the foreword to the book and blurbs were written by Harbormaster Richie Earle and lobstahmen Capt. John Borden and Everett Mills. The soft cover book is available at $13.95 plus tax and shipping where applicable. Order Online