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Stories from Westport, Massachusetts

Over 2,500 Copies of The Last Fling have been sold!
The Last Fling, book cover


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"Can't wait to see the Fling video. Just loved the book!" -- Judy Morrill, New York City

"I'm enjoying your book Last Fling and find your writing and research associated with it skillful as well as entertaining." -- Donna Moody, New Jersey

"Your book is wonderful – not only because of the detailed account of the hurricane, but because of your description of life in the early fifties. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Great job." -- Mary McGowan O'Toole- Somerset, MA

"Last Fling is a great read ... I could not put it down, as I was enthralled with reading about the cast of characters and the area. It is well written and documented." -- Susan Maloney, Bristol, RI

"Am enjoying the book immensely!" -- Martha Baker, Rutland VT

"John,I loved the book. It's great to read about the 'old days'---it keeps the past alive. I almost wish I was there that day!" -- Maureen Audet

""I will never forget August 31, 1954. It was my 8th birthday and we came out of Westport in rowboats. I just ordered your book and I can't wait to read it." -- Peggy Brady Madore

"I can't wait for the movie!!" -- Wayne Branch

"I'm having great fun reading! NY Times best seller list next?"
-- Nancy May

"It is such a great read which I'm finding difficult to put down - you're absolutely correct - a lot has been written about the '38 hurricane but nothing about "our hurricane" ... job well done."
-- Sarah B. Desjardins

"I'm really enjoying the Last Fling! Not unlike my summers as a child on the south coast of R.I."
-- Alice Turner

"You really set the scene for life in the 1950's... brings back memories. And your research of all of sorts of historic facts support the tale. You obviously have poured hours into the book. Well done... Congratulations!"
-- Liz Waring

"Book - like author, wife, and launch - are all great. Thanks and best".
-- Paul Sittenfeld

I should have taken your advice in the first place! I need 3 more books: one for each boy, Bill, Jim, and John
Thanks", Lee Morrison

"You did a great job of weaving many stories from those who experienced the hurricane."
-- Dale Plante

"I finished the book yesterday and here is the verdict: I think it is wonderful. It is a terrific evocation of the way life was then and will surely appeal to anyone with an attachment to that time and place. Take a bow."
-- J. King Cruger, retired foreign correspondent and editor with The European Stars and Stripes.

"These stories will be enjoyed by all ages for years to come."
-- Susan Branco, Westport Public Librarian

"I love the Oggies part. Nice pictures as well."
-- Atty Albert West

"I read the book this week and loved it. I've been talking it up all really was such fun to read! Good for you."
-- Mary Taber

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